Also selling at the Grand Prix

Also selling at the Grand Prix

Hundreds of vendors were on site selling everything Grand Prix, but sprinkled in between were a few out of the ordinary products, such as Egyptian sheets.

our handbags are made from car seat belts, and we here at the Grand Prix seat belts, cars, racing, it all kind of works with each other, said Joe Citizen, president of the company.

In 1997, after installing seat belts in their 1950 Buick, Dana and Melanie Harvey decided to make a matching handbag with a leftover seat belt. The bag popularity made them decide to sell the Buick and make handbags.

(Harvey decided to be here for the Grand Prix, and we done a phenomenal job with the handbags, Citizen said. is our second year. We did so well the first year, we decided to come back the second year.

According to Citizen, most of the handbags are made from brand new automotive grade seat belts, but some are made with reclaimed seat belts; belts which did not meet safety specifications for cars.

One of the most unusual booths was for Regenerect, the male erectile stimulator, which according to co founders Jenny Luetkemeyer and Cheri Tree, was selling quite well.

demographic are guys who have sex, 20 years old to 80 years old,
Also selling at the Grand Prix
said Tree. replaces the need for Viagra, so whether you want it or need it this product will give a guy the best sexual experience of his life for a three day period of time.

The fact that the stimulator had little or nothing to do with racing didn have a negative effect on sales at all, Luetkemeyer said.

has been booming. Our motto is Work Hard, Play Harder, and it the right tag line for this environment. We at the right place, at the right time, with the right demographic for this product, she said. haven taken less than a $20 bill, but I taken a lot more than a $20 bill from the same person. The product going off the shelf because people like it. We actually had return people from the day before saying they took it last night and asking how they can continue to get the product.

The Grand Prix continues today alongside hundreds of vendors. It not just a race anymore.

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Also selling at the Grand Prix
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