Julie Lindsay Handbags

Julie Lindsay Handbags

The big boom came after the bags were surprisingly featured in InStyle’s ad on Yahoo’s homepage.

“The orders just started piling in. I got so many orders, my computer crashed,” Lindsay said.

That online exposure led to purchases from celebrities like Sheryl Crow and Mark Harmon not to mention a Project Runway judge and then came the big phone call.

“This bag right here, I created for Kristin Chenowith in the movie Family Weekend. It was shot in Shelby Township. They called me. I had less than 24 hours to create the bag,” Lindsay said.

Since then, Julie Lindsay Handbags have appeared in Detroit at the North American Auto Show, which has opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

“We shipped orders to Osaka, Japan.

Lindsay is contemplating moving production over to Detroit’s new Garment District in Cork Town. Keeping her collection a Made in Michigan product is a top priority.

“My grandfather and my grandfather’s grandfather all worked for Ford,
Julie Lindsay Handbags
so yeah, it’s important to keep everything where you’re at, support your community and create jobs if you can,” Lindsay said.

As for the future, a possible Niemen Marcus trunk show in the fall is in the works, and that could lead to the biggest break of all shelf space in major retail stores.

“I would love to be right there in the same department where they’ve got Marc Jacobs, Chloe Bags and Prada. That’s my dream, and you know what? I think it’s going to happen,
Julie Lindsay Handbags
” Lindsay said.