Joanne Gill finds inspiration

Joanne Gill finds inspiration

had a gut feeling that I had never had before, Gill said. found a sizeable lump in my left breast. Both my husband and I were in shock and disbelief. I didn think that it could happen to me; I couldn cry as I was numb and still in shock.

Gill has been a member of the Cold Lake community for 13 years. She been happily married for 16 years to local radio personality Chris Gill and She has two kids and five grandchildren.

Gill and Chris are very active in the community, over the years they both enjoyed volunteering with a variety of organizations.

Gill says the amount of support and love she has received from her family and friends during her illness is overwhelming.

cannot begin to thank everyone enough for their support; from offering rides to chemotherapy appointments to preparing meals, but most importantly, for their love, support and prayers.

Last December, Gill underwent a full mastectomy of her left breast and has had five out of 12 lymph nodes removed. She cannot say enough nice things about the University of Alberta Hospital and her surgeon, Dr. Mary Stephens. When the cancer was removed on Dec. 23, she told her surgeon,

was the best Christmas gift of my life.

Gill chemotherapy started Feb. 23 and with appointments lasting for four and a half months. After her chemotherapy, she will be undergoing radiation treatments for approximately a month. Although there is still a lot of fight left, Gill is remaining positive and full of hope for a bright future.

have been given a second chance at life and plan to stick around and have long lasting memories with all of my family and friends. I am a fighter, and I will kick cancer butt!

Cancer has impacted Gill life in a big way but has also inspired her to give back to the people in our community anyway she can. Gill says she was honoured to be asked by Images Studios to be a part of their Images of Hope series because she wants to use this exposure as a platform to raise breast cancer awareness and to speak to the women in the Lakeland area. Gill is urging Cold Lake female population to do a self breast exam every month and to ask their family doctor for a yearly mammogram screening. She also wants to express how important it is not to suffer in silence and that help is available in the community. Gill says those looking for support and encouragement should connect with the people in Cold Lake.

are never alone. Reach out, as there is so much love and support in our community. Don be silent, I have spoken to many women that have had breast cancer and they in turn have supported and given me love and prayers, which has helped me through my journey. I truly blessed to have this support.

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Joanne Gill finds inspiration